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Research and development can provide solutions to current economic issues.

Making your project successful
In France, over 60% of current industry is made up of small and medium-sized companies; innovation grants further emphasise the importance of these activities. We set out to demonstrate the certain fact that putting together an application and promoting it to the relevant authorities can contribute to the success of projects related to innovation.

Courageous entrepreneurship
Our industrial players are not lacking in courage and have a keen a sense of sacrifice: managing a production plant successfully is an arduous task and represents a substantial commitment.
These entrepreneurs are fighting the right battles: for employment, for growth and to maintain our economy amid international competition.


Short of time...
and information and bound by production targets and commercial imperatives, all too often entrepreneurs do not benefit from the 1400 or so European and French grants which may be available to them.
We help people like this benefit from the advantages linked to their research and development activities.

The three stages of our involvement

  1. An initial telephone contact helps us to establish whether a grant application is feasible. We then offer to carry out a free one-hour audit in your company.
  2. If the audit confirms the initial assessment, with your agreement we put together the technical file for the grant application.
  3. We follow up your application with the relevant authorities until an answer is received.
Nothing is invoiced if the application is not successful.

Specialising in R&D since 1991, we intervene to obtain funding for Research and Development relating to innovative products by means of institutional grants such as the OSEO, CRITT, R&D tax relief, etc.

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