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Paul Peverelly, Manager

The route of the Ross & Partners is original.

Founded in 1991 to help SMEs to obtain funding for their Research & Development programmes through finance from institutions such as the ANVAR, the CRITT or the R&D tax relief system, Cabinet ROSS has taken on a new line of business since 1999: company sales.

As Paul Peverelly, head of the company, says, most of his clients have had very little opportunity in their professional life to buy or sell a business.

It is therefore very important, both for buyers and sellers, to be able to rely on the experience of a mediator. The mediator’s role is to bring the right balance the transfer project and ensuing negotiations, helping both parties to get a clear view of the big picture which is necessary to make the right decision.

To do this, the cabinet has developed a coaching protocol, based both on its expertise and on a distinctive notion of partnership. During company transfers, Ross & Partners...

assist their clients step by step with personal and confidential advice. Transfers can take between 6 months and 5 years. It all depends on how motivated the parties are“Above all, we are there to back our clients to ensure the most advantageous negotiation. This requires a high level of availability as well open and honest dialogue”, says Paul Peverelly.

This kind of close relationship has led to excellent partnerships.

Nathalie, our assistant

Ross & Partners is constantly involved with an array of 20 national and international companies, with turnovers ranging from 300k€ to 100m€, which are highly influential and well-renowned in their industries (electronics, mechanics, computing, plastics, consulting, real estate, etc.). Now a mature company, Ross & Partners is expecting its turnover to continue to grow.

The key to our success:
“We love our job and we pass on our enthusiasm on to our customers”